Wunderkammer: behind the scenes

sofiepoppyWunderkammer opened in June 2014 at Steenhouwersvest 13 in Antwerp, Belgium. Opening this shop was a very necessary thing to happen.

Together with my husband I had owned bookshop Stad Leest, at number 16 in the same street, for a couple of years. We would always put a lot of time and effort in searching for nice things to combine with and sell along the books.

Doing this we came across so many beautiful things, some of which we simply couldnt combine with the books, for it would take us to far. Or so we felt.

Over the years, the urge to take all the beautiful things we found all over the world home became to irresistible. And so the idea for Wunderkammer took shape. We dreamt of a little place where we could expose and sell all the little treasures we would come across.

When the tiny shop opposite our bookshop became available, all the pieces fell together. The name “wunderkammer” was choosen thanks to watching one of me and my husbands favourite tv-shows “ Antiques Roadshow” on BBC.

We like to think of our Wunderkammer as our bookshops’ giftshop. Although, from the very  start tiny Wunderkammer seemed perfectly capable to live its own life, with a lot of people not even knowing both shops are connected.

When you visit Wunderkammer you are mostly likely to be helped by the lovely Laura. Our shopmanager who takes care of it as if it was her very own shop. She is a very talented artist and we are very lucky to have her working for us on those days she isn’t busy creating things herself. She generously sprinkles her talent on the little Wunderkammer in ways of designing the shops’ beautiful totebag, drawing on the window and arranging all the products tastefully on the few square meters we have.

Me myself, I am mostly behind the scenes. Looking for the next little treasure to add to the collections in both my shops. Treasure hunting I come across the most lovely places and meet the greatest people. On these pages I would like to take you along with me on my journeys  and give you an inside look in to the world that creates Wunderkammer, my world.

I hope that the people, places and products I will present to you may inspire you as much as they inspire me!

me = sofie

my husband = wouter

doggy in picture = my best friend, Poppy

my shops = wunderkammer & bookshop stad leest

wunderkammer, steenhouwersvest 13, antwerp, belgium https://www.facebook.com/wunderkammer.be 

bookshop stad leest, steenhouwersvest 16, antwerp, belgium https://www.facebook.com/tstadleest.be