Summer delights: a proper picnic



Although Laura, our Wunderkammer shop manager, and I are very different persons, we also do have a lot in common. We both love animals, we love flowers, we love cards, we love soaps and scrubs and other nice smellies, and we both, ofcaurse, love Wunderkammer. It is really great to be able to work with kindred spirits who perfectly understand what you re trying to do and trying to achieve.
Some other shared passions brought us together on a flowery meadow on a nice sunny afternoon this summer … love baking + love eating + love nature = picnic!
In our own little Wunderkammer we found more than enough stuff to create a perfect, picturesque picnic atmosphere.
For all of the recipes we turned, very appropriately I think, to “The Forest Feast Cookbook” by Erin Gleeson. The recipes are dead easy to make and most of them perfect to eat cooled.
The lovely traditional wicker picnic basket in the pictures is something I have always wanted. It was a, most kind and very well choosen, gift from our neighbours, the girls from linen shop Marie Marie. (They do sell them in all shapes and styles in their shop)
It was a present for the opening of Wunderkammer ,over two years ago, and I have loved it ever since. I even take it on holiday with me.

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