Beautiful bodycare

Recently we have added a great new brand to our collection. “Nathalie Bond Organics”.  This young, British family business is making small batches of beautiful skincare and fragrant candles, using organic and wildcrafted ingredients.

On one of my treasurehunts, I met Nathalie Bond’s  husband,  Andrew. I had been immediatly drawn to the beautiful simplicity of the little jars and bottles Andrew was representing. He spoke so passionately about the philosophy behind the brand and about his wife Nathalie who created it, it was impossible not to place an order. This is exactly the type of supplier we love to work with, and the quality of the products was obvious.

When the first order arrived in Wunderkammer, it was a pleasure unpacking it all. Opening the box all these amazing fragrances escaped and everyone present at that moment was immediately hooked.

Andrew had told me that Nathalie had created the brand when she was pregnant with her first child. At that time she didn’t feel happy using her regular beauty pruducts anymore, which she knew were packed with synthetic chemicals. So she simply began creating her own soaps and balms. Which ended up in creating a proper business.

A woman that creative and determined simply must be a great personality so I took the chance to interview her.  Scroll down to read it if you are intersted in what Nathalie, or “Nat” as she calls herself, has to say!

At Wunderkammer we stock Nathalie Bond’s full range. Opposite of what you might expect, these high quility products don’t come expensive at all, with prices between € 7,95 (for soapbars) and € 28,95( for skin oil)

Ofcaurse I have been testing them all. What can I say, it’s all in the job!

I love the whole range but if I can pick only two it would be the peppermint bodyscrub (feels like a fresh breeze on your skin) and the rose geranium and patchoeli himalyan pink bath salts ( an absolute treat after a long and tiring day)

To end this post, please note that Nathalie Bond Organics is committed to being a company that gives back. They are giving a percentage of their profits to support World Vision, an organisation that helps children in some of the poorest communities in the world.

Interview with Nathalie Bond, creator of Nathalie Bond Organics

me:  When I heard you live in the U.K., near the Beautiful Peak district and that you love to use wildcrafted ingredients, this amazing image springs to my mind of you walking out on a misty morning in boots and with a wicker basket to collect herbs and flowers! Is there any truth in this or am I being way to romantic here? Can you tell me something more about this wildcrafted aspect?

Nat: That would be ideal! But sadly we don’t pick the ingredients ourselves. We live close to the Peak District which means we spend a lot of time out walking and enjoying the scenery. We see it as a source of inspiration for the business and a constant reminder that nature knows best. All our ingredients are organic certified and sourced from a range of suppliers. When we started out, we bought ingredients direct from growers around the world but it was was really challenging partly because we were so small. Some of our oils are wildcrafted – as in they’re not grown on farms and can’t really be certified organic but haven’t been in contact with chemical pesticides and fertilisers. We are currently buying our oils from a UK company until we get a bit bigger then we can go direct to farmers again.

me: Your soap bars are labeled “palm free”. I have noticed that to some customers this immediately makes sense and it is a reason for them to buy. Others don’t seem to understand what this is about. Can you tell me, what’s the “fuss” about palm oil?

Nat: We never use Palm Oil due to the environmental impact of farming it. The Palm Oil industry plays a huge role in deforestation, climate change and animal cruelty. There are plenty of natural ingredients out there that don’t cause this level of damage to the planet when sourced, so we stick to them instead! This website has lots of really useful info on it:

me: People ask me whether you intend to expand your product range and if so what would you add? Deodorants, haircare,…? Most asked after by customers in our shop  is facial care, a day or night cream. Is this something you are thinking of or do you say that your current products are refined enough for facial use.

Nat: All of our products are incredibly versatile so they can be used all over the body and I even use our soap as a shampoo (your hair needs to be given a good amount of time to get used to it). Aside from use on the body, all our Body Oils and Skin Balms can be used on the face as moisturisers or night oils. I use the Extra Sensitive Skin Balm every day on my face under my make-up. Because our soap is natural it is also perfect for face washing. We also have several customers that use small amounts of the body scrub on their face in the shower – it is all natural and therefore very gentle. With regards to developing future products, we have had a lot of requests for hair care and also deodorant, so they are both on our radar. We really want to expand our current product ranges and work with some new natural fragrances.

me: would you recommend your special sensitive skin range for babies?

Nat: Yes absolutely. The sensitive range is entirely free from essential oils so they are really gentle and perfect for babies, especially babies with sensitive skin. A few of our customers have loved using these products on their babies. These products are also perfect for mums-to-be in the first trimester of pregnancy when essential oils need to be avoided. I wrote a blog about post pregnancy care: 

And then some more personal questions… we love to know our suppliers!

me: Being also a bookshop owner I simply must ask you wheter you like to read and if so what do you like to read. What are you reading right now, and what is your favourite book of all times. Do you read to your kids? What is their favourite book?

Nat: I have recently really enjoyed reading the first two books in the Harry Potter series – I quite liked how imaginative they were. I was born and bought up in Germany, so when I was a young kid I used to read a little series of books about a big Swiss dog that loved chocolate. The books were all about his adventures trying finding chocolate. In terms of the kids, I absolutely love the Shirley Hughes’s Alfie series, and I really like books illustrated by Quentin Blake.

me: what is your favourite scent in the Nathalie Bond range ?

Nat: Peppermint + Eucalyptus is my all time favourite but I am really starting to love the Ylang Ylang + Bergamot Candle now. My favourite product is our Peppermint + Eucalyptus Body Scrub because it moisturises and exfoliates at the same time, so it takes one step out of my skincare routine. I can just hop in the shower, wash with one of our soaps and then moisturise using a body scrub. Plus, the scent of eucalyptus is really invigorating, which is super handy in the morning when I am feeling sleep deprived (my second son is only a few months old!)

me: If any smell in the world could be turned into a scented candle, what scent would you create?

Nat: Probably the smell of a baby’s head when they are under the age of one. They just have a really distinctive, beautiful and innocent smell. So I’d probably try and capture that. I also really like that scent when you step off a plane in a Mediterranean country and you get a whiff of pine trees. You also can’t beat the salty smell of the sea. And I like the smell of sun cream on the beach – just the scent though, obviously the chemicals in sun cream are totally against our ethos!

me: Leading a young , growing company and being a mum to you must be really busy. Will you have a holiday this summer? And if so, will you go somewhere nice?

Nat: We are going to stay in the UK this summer and go away with some friends of ours to Northumberland. And we are going to go camping as well – I can’t wait! Although, British camping isn’t as fun as going camping abroad but I know the boys will absolutely love it, so we are quite looking forward to that.

me: Thank you so much Nathalie. Enjoy summer! And I hope to see you soon.

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